Kindness in the time of Covid

2021 marks the start of another year of the pandemic caused by the corona virus #Covid19 .

I would like to dedicate this blog to all those who have been affected by this wicked virus 🦠 including those who have had loved ones die and/or incapacitated by it (and the impact this will be having on their lives ❤️ )

Isolation from friends and family affects us all in many ways – some feel angry , others lost and lonely . In these trying times some of us older humans may look back on our lives and question the decisions we made when we were young – this is a normal phenomenon as we feel restricted from seeing forwards so we reflect on what’s passed by (wondering if we could change our paths) My advice is to try hard as you can to focus on the now because try as you might you cannot change the past – try to do something each day that keeps you in the present moment – write a letter , draw something, sing a song , walk your dog , phone someone . Keep it simple .

A special thank you to those who work through (caring for others as part of their vocation of work) , those employed in essential services such as food sales , delivery, logistics, also to the volunteers who have presented themselves openly to help others, as well as the people in the background that are stoically working away, plus all teaching staff and support services. Also let’s take our virtual hats off to all the parents/ foster parents and carers who are home schooling against all odds. Special love to the children of the world especially the young carers – we must keep giving children kindness as we won’t know the true effect this will have on their lives until many many moons have waxed and waned.

Kindness begins with you – as I’ve grown older I do reflect on decisions I made in my life through fear but at this moment in our lives I realise that we must put kindness to ourselves and others first and here’s why . .

Kindness begets kindness – in these socially distanced days we are in who is the first to step out of the way , who crosses to the pavement opposite to make way for others ? Let that be you ❤️ don’t judge because someone doesn’t thank -we are all going through things no one else knows about . Three times yesterday on a walk I crossed over to let others pass including a jogger , an elderly man and a family I expected nothing in return but they all gave me some form of thanks . The runner put his thumb up , the elderly man said thank you and the family smiled at me – each interaction gave me a good feeling inside . I’ve heard stories about dog walkers and runners disagreeing about who should step out of the way – each one probably waiting for the other and not thinking “I’ll move” . I have had no problems with moving aside myself and since I’ve actively focused on doing it I’ve noticed more people smiling and signalling in positive ways .

When I get a delivery , the doorbell rings and usually the delivery person is almost out of sight as I open the door I make a conscious effort to find them and shout my thanks to them “I appreciate all you are doing – stay safe” they always reply with humility.

So my advice to you is to seek out the kindness that lives inside you and pass it onto others – tell them you’re grateful for them – say thank you and let them see in your face that you mean it . This can be family , friends , NHS staff , shop workers , colleagues, strangers, delivery people anyone you meet .

In these trying times we all need something to cling to and a few kind words exchanged with a stranger underpin what to be human means – to be kind

Thank you for reading . Stay safe

Jen ❤️

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