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About Me:

I qualified as a midwife in 1993 at UCLan. My passion is that all babies have skin to skin contact with their mothers regardless of type of birth . I started my blog in 2014, the same year that I began to present. My first ever presentation was for UCLan Midwifery Society in March 2014. I soon realised the benefits of using humour, music and theatre to relay the message about why evidence based midwifery care makes a positive difference to maternity services.

“Jenny literally made #skintoskin possible for me and without her I would never have received those precious moments with my daughter before she was whisked off to the neonatal unit. The support Jenny gave me afterwards and advice regarding breastfeeding, made everything easier. As a first time mum I really needed that support. Jenny even came up to neonatal to check on me and my daughter. That extra touch, she really is a human form of a guardian angel”

— Jade Johnson

“Jenny Clarke’s support meant the world to me. I don’t think as a premature twin ELSCS delivery I would have had as strong a voice in having skin to skin had Jenny not been there to advocate for me, and to get my birth plan/wish list noticed. Jenny gave me such reassurance, a truly mum focused experience and a whole load of positivity, love and strength when I felt so low and incredibly vulnerable. Jenny Clarke is a true professional but the most personable, caring and empathic midwife I’ve ever known.”

— Lucy McCormack July 20th 2018 (twins now aged 3 )

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