Below is a list of events at which Jenny has presented at 2018 

  • “Back to Basics”, 13th September, all day, UCLan, Midwifery Society -PR1 2HE. Jenny presented to the students and lecturers of UCLAN about getting back to basics in skin to skin dyadic care . One of her slides asked the recommended ambient temperature for an operating theatre pre – caesarean birth of a baby – 25 degrees centigrade – which surprised everyone . Jenny presented new evidence on skin to skin contact and was given cheers at the end of her presentation .
  • “We Are Only Human”, 14th September, all day, Coventry University, CV1 5FB Jenny presented “Professional Envy – we need to. talk about it ” which was well received and the first ever presentation on a subject which involves bullying – Jenny gave ideas and coping strategies to help overcome feelings of envy within the workplace and also helped those who were targeted because of what they do . The subject matter provoked a lot of debate and a pact was made to contemplate and challenge behaviour  at work .
  • “Why Skin to Skin matters and how to make sure it happens when you give birth”, 19th September 2018 , 19:00-21:00, Thornton Little Theatre, FY5 3SZ – self funded Profits to UNICEF . 60 members of the public attended including the Lady Mayor and Lady  Mayoress of Wyre . Jenny walked and sat with the audience and used slides , music , her poems and current evidence to explain why Skin to Skin matters so much . Jenny also gave demonstrations and passed round a jar for feedback . This was her first self-funded event and Jenny uses the money she makes presenting to fund this – her aim was to  catch a public audience and share with them to share with others the value of skin to skin contact . 



20 September 2018 Jenny Clarke Spoke to Blackpool Branch of The Rotary Club of Great Britain about “What Midwives do and why midwifery matters ” kindly nominated by Karen Haydon of Edghilll University Midwifery Society ❤️ who also spoke with Jenny. .  This talk was very valuable as all attending were men . Some of the men there were over 80 years old and talked about the upset and sadness they still carried around following their wives mistreatment by maternity staff in the 50s-60s. One man told how his wife had been informed after a forceps birth that she was unfit care for her newborn son , so she didn’t hold her son for over two days. Presentations like this allow people to talk about their sadness and happiness and the man who talked with Jenny told her it was a cathartic positive experience


Presented to Midwifery Forum at Manchester United Stadium on leadership and effecting change – mentioned the “behaviour is an invisible cloak” Behaviour is an invisible cloak ‘ for the first time and that health care professionals must not disregard the love a mother has for her newborn by forgetting to talk about SkinToSkin and it’s many benefits

20.09.19 Skype conference with DeMontford University midwifery society about “The Journey” of midwifery

The Journey Of Midwifery Education

The fabulous future midwives and midwifery lecturers including Dr Diane Menage ❤️


My first ever NHS workshop on SkinToSkin with the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust – lots of multidisciplinary attendees who shared their knowledge and supported me so kindly – very enthusiastic women centred health care professionals ❤️