Hospitality and the NHS

I met up with an old friend this week . ‘Naomi’ works in a hotel and was telling me about a module she’s just completed at University based on hospitality . I immediately started to see the connection in our jobs . I work in the NHS but my work is based on hospitality  . 

NHS staff meet strangers on most days of their days at work and it’s how we greet these strangers that sets the bar for the organisation that employs us . I was born and raised in Oldham and I tend to offer cups of tea and biscuits to start the relationship and of course ALWAYS  #HelloMyNameIs founded by the indomitable brave and courageous @GrangerKate . I usually go the extra mile as its in my nature to do this. I relish helping people but I can also read when some do not want help and that’s a useful skill .

Paying someone attention that you are caring for is not about flattery, it is about listening, looking, showing a genuine interest, displaying kindness and asking how you can help them . Have you ever noticed someone looking puzzled at a map of the hospital and realised that they might need help to find their destination? For we are are all on different journeys in our lives . We must be able to recognise body language and behaviour cues . For example, stress can cause people to become quiet or loud , sad or angry , fearful or over confident. 

Perhaps we subconsciously forget the true meaning of the word ‘hospital’ as it actually encompasses all who enter into it which includes relatives and friends of the person being welcomed and cared for . We are responsible for being hospitable towards them just as much.  Each point of contact is a window for others to see how we react , how we care and therefore to recommend us (or not as the case maybe) to their friends and relatives .   We must keep that window clean and shiny and make sure it keeps letting the sunlight in and that its remain transparent to the world outside. 

I googled “Are hospital hospitable?” after my lightbulb moment and found THIS BRILLIANT ARTICLE written in 2005 by Dr Peter McCann M.D.. In the last paragraph he summarises that hospitals should embrace “service in a caring environment” . 

The next time you tell someone that you work at a hospital consider its true meaning . This 8 letter word HOSPITAL is all about the staff who work in it and their job is to display genuine kindness towards others. 

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Jenny ❤️

4 thoughts on “Hospitality and the NHS”

  1. Lovely blog Jenny, being a patient can be a very anxious time for people, undergoing investigations and diagnosis are particularly difficult. However being greeted by a hospitable person can make the experience less so and as you say a cup of tea is the perfect solution to most problems….

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  2. As always; an honest and inspiring blog Jenny. Compassion for every person entering our services is paramount. What also must be embraced is the organisation itself must also exude compassion, honesty, fairness for its staff. It is where this is embedded that staff feel cared for and then with their body, mind and soul can give to others.

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