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Seeing the whole picture 

Each person we meet and care for  has their own story. 

As health care workers we must keep striving to tune into those that we care for – humility is needed and an ability to connect. Digital technology is a huge part of record keeping so it’s essential to realise that ‘CARE’ is not simply a tick box exercise but in fact a multi dimensional emotional process that may not have a solid beginning or ending . 

Trying to step into another humans story is a spiritual art form   – the way that we listen as well as the way we speak can have an immense impact on what a person imparts. A brusque manner can inhibit a connection, prevent sharing of valuable information, foster a disjointed attitude and is totally destructive to the priceless treasure of two way communication and empathy . A kind compassionate manner however, can help a person to open up and share information about themselves by helping them to relax and feel a sense of trust towards the other person. There are some people who have this off to a fine art and if you know such a person watch and learn from them you will gain so much. 

As midwives If we exude warmth and kindness we will send out positive connections – this will improve the oxytocin response and give women a feel good factor about themselves which will facilitate positive pregnancy ,labour, birth and breastfeeding . We underestimate the power we have to influence women and their ability to nurture themselves and their young . 

The midwife in the operating theatre setting who sends out signals of peace and calm by helping the woman to have skin to skin contact with her newborn is instrumental to the health of the world – she is brave and courageous and more than that she epitomises “human-kindness” itself.

The midwife who is able to read signals from the new father and help him to open up and see his strengths and yet embrace his own vulnerability is an asset to the family unit. 

The midwife who acts as an advocate for the same sex couple who want to avoid induction yet at the same time stay safe helps them to feel like they have been empowered and respected yet also like it’s their own choice . 

These are all examples of the wonderful work that midwives do and it’s time to celebrate all the admirable midwifery role models out there that inspire so many . 

Let’s all keep doing what we do well and try to improve a little each day . Let’s not stay still or remain where we are but let’s keep moving forwards for the mothers the fathers and the children of the universe. The world needs positive role models in midwifery some are visible some are hidden so seek them out shine a light on them and give them a loud cheer . 

Thankyou for reading – please be kind 

Jenny ❤️

6 thoughts on “Seeing the whole picture ”

  1. Jenny, I sat with a man last night whose wife died in childbirth (medical misadventure). Now a statistic in #MBRRACE report, in compassionate terms it must have took all of his to sit with me I felt, however he did, he told me his story. Our system failed him and his son, I remember listening to him on a news report a couple of years ago and feeling so sad, thinking he must hate the midwifery profession and I didn’t blame him. We discussed this last night, he said no Jeannine, through my involvement with the campaign ‘The Elephant Collective’ I’ve met some of the most wonderful compassionate Midwives and student midwives. His faith in me and forgiveness shown hto my profession underpinned in me the importance of continuing to listen, continue to advocate, continue to look outside the box, continue to support the vulnerable making safe spaces for those who need it. Midwives above all need to continue to be compassionate, show kindness, listen and listen some more…
    Many thanks again Jenny
    Much love Jeannine

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  2. “Stepping into someone else’s story” – you put that so well. I feel like I’ve gotten so much more than I’ve given in my nursing career and this is the exact reason.
    I’ve grown and continue to learn every day how to be a better human by the experience of being in a profession where the ability to nurture is mandatory.
    Thank you for this post!

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    1. Susan thank you so much – I write to reflect and to help myself see why positivity helps me & others to continue to care – really appreciate you taking the time to feedback to me – I too feel like I am continually learning – great to connect – have a wonderful Christmas ❤️

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