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Happy Birthday Sheena 

I feel like I have known Sheena all my life . However we have known each other less than two years

Our first exchange with one another was I twitter when she retweeted one of my very early tweets about midwifery . I ran around my house “Sheena Byrom has retweeted my tweet  !”

I have learnt so much from Sheena about tolerance and roaring – agreeing and challenging and about  the nature of kindness plus why as women we must raise each other up not pull each other down . 

At work last week a senior male obstetric consultant said to me

“Midwives are advocates for all women of the world”

his words immediately made me think of Sheena and the work she does .

 I think more than anything Sheena has helped me because she believed in me – nominating me to present at an NHS midwifery conference in Durham . Click HERE for the storify on it by @GreatNorthMum . I had previously only presented at the National Supervisor of Midwives Conference in 2006  . This amazing opportunity helped me to see that presenting at conferences is about networking and sharing good practice as well as learning from others . It’s about connecting and going forwards together – the social media side of conferences allows those unable  to attend to be there via a hashtag and to catch up through stories on Steller,  Storify and blogs. 

 Sheena has a global impact on so  many  women  around the world who are connected through her love of midwifery . She is also a staunch family person and adores socialising never too busy to say hello or send a message . 

I know I’m not alone in wishing Sheena a Happy Birthday and here’s a film by @GarethPresch CLICK HERE to watch with a poem I wrote to sum up The Sheena Effect 

Sheena there are so many families, women, midwives, future midwives in the  world who have so much to thank you for . 

Enjoy your birthday – and may you stay ❤️Forever Young ❤️

Lots of Love Jenny xxxx 

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