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Teaching and learning 

Let’s imagine you are being taught how to do something . How you learn this task / skill / procedure is totally dependent upon a combination of factors . 

1 The environment – it may be calm or chaotic – the temperature , lighting and atmosphere and the place itself will all impact on the outcome 

2. The people present and their attitudes , personalities and beliefs . Also their own knowledge can impact on your ability to teach / learn or take in new information . 

3. Your prior knowledge or experience . How you feel about teaching and / or your teacher . If you are the learner your current state of mind / fears / previous experiences and self awareness. 

4. What is being taught ? If it’s an intricate task this will require intense patience by the person doing the teaching towards the learner . The teachers ability to step back in time and recall their own self as the learner in the same situation . For example if you drive a car  try to imagine yourself learning to drive all over again . Re-live the feelings you had when you first took control of a car . Are you kind to new learner drivers on the road? 

5. Time – how much time is available ? Is it going to be a rushed process – or is there plenty of time ? 

6. Preparation – what is ready to teach the task or skill . Do others have roles within the task and are you ready to teach / learn – have you read around the subject 

7. Compassion – a compassionate teacher will allow a learner to gain more from them – than one who is harsh – a compassionate teacher will hold back negative emotions as much as possible and give praise and encouragement so that the learner relaxes. Positive affirmation will not only allow the learner  to grow but also the teacher . 

8. Consideration – thinking of how the learner may feel shows kindness and allows learning to take place . The learner must not assume a subservient role as he/she must value the importance of being a learner . 

9.Feedback – it’s no use doing all the above & not reflecting together about how both parties felt about the situation . Honesty with one another allows the learner and the teacher to grow and develop positively . 

10. Variety – a one off teaching session is not always the best thing , but it might be the the only opportunity . Its just as important to have a variety of teachers and reflect on how you learn from each of them as much as it is to have a variety of learners to see how you develop and adapt different styles of teaching . 

11. Equality -There should be no hierarchy in teaching and learning – both parities must feel equal and be respectful  towards each other’s needs and planned outcomes . 

Embrace teaching and learning – both are intertwined . They help us to develop and to make the world a better place . Never stop learning – value and share knowledge but also listen carefully to all voices – be kind to one another 

Thankyou for reading I

❤️Jenny ❤️ 

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