International Woman’s Day 

Yes sisters I’m writing this for you – the sister who lives in a remote place infected with HIV being cared for by her children – feeling pain every day as she knows she is dying – pain which is emotional and physical because what if ? What if ….. ‘What if I lived in a developed country where I could have access to screening and the birth of my daughter would have been planned to reduce  transmission of my infected cruel blood to my child. A place where kind staff quietly knew about my condition but did not mention it to others and where my life would be so different ‘ WHAT IF? 

Yes sisters What if ? What if you’d been held down and told “it’s our way – it’s a celebration” as your female relatives watched whilst the searing pain of female genital mutilation was imprinted onto you forever -a  trauma never lost – a confusion of why love does such things … What if – what if you’d  been born in 2015 when such atrocities are being stamped out by education and law . 

Yes sister I’m writing this for you – What if ? What if all society totally  understood that birth is an intrinsic part of who we become – what we do. What if ? to the sister who couldn’t tell the midwife why she was so scared of labour and being examined. She is trying to scream it out as she gives birth but all she hears is “don’t shout out” . This sisters screams are releasing years of abuse she experienced behind her own front door. This abuse has never been spoken about before. This abuse was dampened down by a culture of acceptance and by her own true real fear. What if ? If only her mother and her sisters had believed her ……

What if my sister ? What if there was a world where feminism was seen as a human right and all humans would have the same rights ,same pay,same treatment, same life choices, same education , the same health care . A world that where all sisters and all brothers live and breathe equally without fear and in kindness and peace

WHAT IF – yes sister im writing this for you … You’re an office worker and being bullied by other women , they taunt you, talk about you, exclude you , scrutinise your work . “The manager wonders why each month I never quite reach my targets – he doesn’t know any of this , he thinks I’m lazy , truth is I’m scared and I haven’t slept for months . Why are my sisters doing this to me ? What if? What if I had the courage to find someone to help me ? 

Yes sisters I’m talking to you rise up speak out , not for yourself but for women everywhere . Be proud of being a woman have gratitude for the life you have. Every day try to focus on   how YOU make other women’s minutes , hours , days , months , years even better . Help your own sisters and love them dearly , be a sister friend . Hold this thought and imagine all men and women thinking this every day ,” what if ? ” 

what if ? WHAT IF? every single birth was peaceful . We all have one thing in common – we are all born – and we are all born from woman 

International Women’s Day …. What if …. 

5 thoughts on “International Woman’s Day ”

  1. ‘What If’ indeed! What if we all treated others how we will like to be treated! What if we truly love our neighbour in our global village the way we should love ourselves! What if there was no need for the International Woman’s Day’, because women everywhere are treated like men everywhere!

    May your words ring far and wide, loud and clear, for all to hear and consider, and do something to change the status quo for sisters who have it bad.

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