Big lovely thank you to Breech Births

Last week I met with my Supervisor of Midwives – she is a very positive person and sat back as we started my supervisory one to one saying “How are you Jenny ?” I wondered if she dreaded my answer as I launched into non stop chatter – but she smiled and listened intently to what I’d been up to. I tell her about positive occurrences and scenarios as well as any challenges I’ve resolved (or not resolved) and ideas that I want to bring into practice. It’s just wonderful to be listened to and I know that this precious time helps me to reflect on and reassess my own progress . Our conversation moved onto physiology and I expressed my concern at the iatrogenic state that many labour wards seem to be in – I have many midwifery friends who are located all over the world and we debate this topic vigorously .
As a clinical midwife I am a core team member of the Birth Centre based in the hospital. I want to see physiological birth seep like dry ice and drift underneath the doors to have a positive effect on births in all labour wards.
Just recently there has been a national increase in breech births and today I’ve had a lightbulb moment whilst tweeting Shawn Walker (@SisterShawnRM) you’d love her blog click here to read – I was considering the phrase ‘hands off the breech’ which means ‘allow physiology to take place’. The Breech birth position of all fours is also the optimum position for normal cephalic birth as the pelvic diameter is wider – so one day we may wave goodbye to lithotomy position. There is a growing interest in breech birth and I’m happy about this as I know that the resurgence of breech births will cause a new movement to begin on labour wards. Breech births will inspire midwives and birth workers to believe more in physiology for cephalic births as well. This will empower us to question practice and enable the women we are ‘with’ to be involved in shared decision making . The end result will be a dramatic ongoing rise in normal birth and a reduction in the iatrogenic effect . In turn this will lead to better communication more collaboration between women midwives and obstetricians and in the long term a happier more fulfilled society . So let’s praise breech birth and see it as a new change agent 💡


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