Midwifery and birth

If Babies could talk ……Be an advocate for Babies 💕💙

My Birth

It’s quiet in here sounds are muffle, soft
I know the tone and rise of my mothers voice
I am moving forwards to meet my family
And soon two will become three
-one will become two
Whatever the number I’ll be the extra little person in the group
I feel light around me I am here
My mother holds me close I am calm -without fear
I snuggle up close feel her love for me begin
And I am in wonder and awe at my beginning – skin to skin


Think differently

Just imagine if we could interview every baby after it’s own unique birth – what would the baby say ?

“I felt tranquil and calm being born was magical and peaceful”

“I didn’t really appreciate the noise bright lights and loud voices ”

“Someone moved me away from my mother – I tried to protest but they’d misplaced the baby language translation book and they didn’t understand me!”

“ThankYou for delaying clamping my cord – I feel so much better than I would have without the extra blood”

“Those scales are freezing cold aren’t they!”

“It was a wonderful experience and I thank my mother for fighting for the right to hold me for ages and ages – it’s helped my start in life to be easier”

“Do you know my wonderful caesarean birth has actually sparked an interest in me that has made me consider being a surgeon”

“Yes I was rushed to neonatal unit but the staff encouraged my mother to hold me close as soon as possible”

“I am SO proud of my mother she is so courageous”

“I’d like to be a midwife”

….the next time you are in a room with a woman who is in the depths of the birth process think like this – babies can hear all sounds and feel all experiences – but babies cannot tell their story – imagine if they could ?

Be an advocate for families women and most of all be an advocate for babies


5 thoughts on “If Babies could talk ……Be an advocate for Babies 💕💙”

    1. Hi Jenny

      I’d really appreciate a copy of your poster via email please?

      I am a first year student Midwife currently working on this very subject and would love to share your focus on infant mental health and uninterrupted skin-to-skin.

      Please comment if this is possible to share with the Wye Valley Trust? And how I can send my email address confidentially?

      Thank you


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