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Why positivity matters in the NHS

This week I’ve been in Uni all week – as a more mature student I’ve loved meeting young people and some of them weren’t even health care professionals . I’ve met artists , maths geeks , musicians and engineers , psychology students and many more . In the lift in the media building a young man was wearing headphones – I asked “are they Dr Dre!” His face was a picture – I told him my son has a pair that I regularly wear around the house connected to my iPhone when I need “me time” but I have stuff to do like moving items from one room to another , cleaning , cooking – it’s escapism hearing my favourite music as I work . However I could never study with music on like both my children do and I love that we all are different and we use various techniques to help us to work. We are all different and that’s what makes us the same.
Just the other week at work someone said to me ‘we need more staff ‘ and started to complain- I was teaching a new midwife about intravenous antibiotics and the time it took me to show the reference book , work out the dose and consider how to prepare in an ultra clean environment the person moaning continued to ‘chunner’ – I then emptied a box of pharmacy drugs and thought if no one moaned at work how much time could we save ? If every single person was on a ‘positivity push’ and negative comments or actions were banned could we save time ?
I am very positive at work I don’t stand in the office complaining as I veer away from crowd culture – I might sometimes feel irked at another night shift but believe me as I leave the threshold of my front door I say positive things to myself – I put Jo Whiley’s programme on my radio (a very positive woman!) and I say to myself “you are going to be with women who are giving birth to the children of the future tonight – how amazing is that!” (Rhetorical as no answer required) At work I smile and I like to tell corny jokes , I involve the partners in care – if the woman is in the pool I show her partner how to maintain the temperature and christen them “PoolTech” they offer me a cuppa when they have one and I genuinely feel lucky and privileged to be doing something so fantastic as well as meeting new folk . So I say this to you – yes we would like a payrise it would be amazing – but please remember we must switch off thoughts about pay when we are caring for women and families and we must shine smile and be happy that we have the NHS , we are employed and we are helping others in the great big universe of life – positivity matters 💛💛💛
Shine loud Be proud 🌟💡

3 thoughts on “Why positivity matters in the NHS”

  1. Positivity is so important in our work! Often women come to us and feel frightend and anxious. Having a smiling, positive midwife looking after us makes one heck of a difference.. I think back to the birth of my first baby, midwife who complained and showed total lack of empathy (looking back…she was probly tired and over worked!) For first half of labour… followed by a fantastic midwife, who very obviously LOVED her job, she was like an angel to me!
    We have to remember that this is their experiance, and how privileged are we to share this… and how easy it can be to let our bad day effect their birth story. Thanks for another interesting read, Jenny x


    1. Thankyou SO much Jane – its just great to get feedback – i feel so sad when i hear of staff who might not realise the negative effect they are having on familes 💫 we must make positivity more contagious 💫


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