The kindness misfits

This week I’ve been chatting to a few people who were forced to leave their place of work because they were bullied and mistreated by their managers and colleagues.

Sadly the common thread in all the stories they shared with me seems to be that they were all simply KIND.

One of the people used to work as a podiatrist in the NHS and was regularly reprimanded by a manager because believe it or not most podiatrists are “not allowed” to directly refer patients to a GP or surgeon – this can be despite the fact that someone is about to lose a toe , foot or limb – yes unbelievable but totally true . However because the podiatrist cared the referrals kept going in – eventually though that person was bullied out of the job.

The next person is a midwife I’ve become friends with who was given an award which she tells me will NEVER be mentioned at her place of work – even though the place she works at is directly connected to the award – strange but true .

The next person is someone who decided that public health funerals should be made more personal and individualised – something which that person started and was admired for by the funeral attendees but the managers didn’t approve . So the person left the role because of being made to feel uncomfortable.

The common thread with all these ordinary people who are simply trying to help others in some way or other is that they were all KIND .

So what makes others dislike kind acts or kind people ? Well I think I’ve discovered it and it’s because of my own experience of being bullied as a midwife because I was kind .

The answer is that people who go above and beyond their roles and job descriptions tend to shine a light which exposes those who don’t seem to be very kind and it sort of makes them look like they’re not quite as good at their job as the kind ones are .

My advice to you if you are being bullied is to see it as a compliment – you are simply showing the non-compassionate colleagues and managers up . If you can’t carry on there just start looking for a way out , a new job , a different place to live . Speak to others who are kind who will give you strength and always listen to your own heart . Make sure you see your GP and your occupational health team – tell your story and have people around you who are supportive .

Soon enough all the kindest people will be the majority and the ones who have a lack of insight into what it is to live a compassionate and kind life will simply fade away .

Keep being kind – you are amazing

With love , JennyTheM ❤️

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