Today is international day of the WOMAN – being a midwife gives me a precious insight into the lives of many wonderful women each day . I am a daughter , a mother , a sister and I consider the women I care for and meet as my extended family . WE ARE ALL SISTERS OF THE UNIVERSE That ethos runs through me like letters in rock . A huge part of my inspiration to become a Midwife was because my care in my first labour was not as I hoped it would be . At the time I was not a Midwife , I didn’t fully understand the birthing process or have many expectations on how I would cope as a new mother – I just went with my instincts and did the best I could . However, on meeting my community Midwife Jean Duerden one to one in my home I realised I wanted to be like her – I drew on my childhood memories with my mother Dorothy who died when I was just eighteen years young . My first born – a daughter – replaced the connection I had lost with my mother and I vowed that my daughter would grow up equal to any man – I taught her from an early age about why a relationship must command equal respect and that no one has the right to control another person . 

My midwife Jean recognised my exhaustion and complications from birth early on and I have clear wonderful memories of Jean putting  me back to  bed to rest with my daughter and to breastfeed – those moments of kindness and compassion  will stay with me forever.

I suppose the message I’m sending to you all is 

“You may never realise that the tiniest kindest act you do for a woman may be the one thing that she remembers about you . It may also be the one thing that helps her to believe in herself a little bit more than she did before she met you ” 

In the words of the song – it may seem like a mans world – but it would be nothing , NOTHING – without women or girls  – we birth the next generation every single day . 

This blog is dedicated to all the women I have cared for as a midwife . It is also dedicated to my mum Dorothy Guiney , my midwife Jean Duerden and my daughter Jane . You have all taught me , nurtured my midwifery soul and given me strength – thank you so much ❤️
With love, 

Jenny ❤️

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