National Poetry Day 

When i think of all the people  who tweet

I smile to myself as I skip down the street 

They’re  always “there” whenever “there” maybe 

Waiting and responding to a tweet from you or me

Cheering one another up along life’s highway 

With a quote or a saying to brighten our day 

Evidence based practice or new research innovation 

Sharing positivity across all nations 

Or perhaps good news they just wish to share 

Even just a hello to see if someone cares 

Social media is truly social  – connecting others on a level that’s totally global 

So all I’m saying in this short ditty is 

“You don’t have to “fit in” you don’t need to be witty 

Just Join the twitter brigade of positivity 

soon you’ll be skipping down the street just like me 

Follow the ones who are shining out loud

and be a tweeter – join in – you’ll soon feel proud ❤️



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