I am Uterus

I am Uterus – I live inside woman. Not all women know me but my purpose is to house future children allow them to grow and develop -I do this in collaboration with women all over the world . I love my job it’s what I’m made for . Sometimes I’m not made quite right or in great shape but I try to be the best I can be . 

I like to be nurtured treated with kindness , compassion and I admire those most who have an innate understanding of my abilities . 

I am not separate I am part of a woman and I partly define womanhood . 

Nothing irks me more or gets me more upset when I am handled badly -If woman I live in is stressed that also stops me from doing my job – that’s not her fault.

 I thrive on love and gentle handling -I work well (when I am helping the child or children that live within me to be birthed ) in an environment that is calm with low levels of muffled noise , natural human oxytocin is my favourite hormone – I’m not so keen on adrenalin – it antagonises me and tends to put me in a rather bad mood so I rebel and go on strike .

Would you like to know something ? I recognise those that respect me rather well – in fact I’ve become an expert at it – so if you see a sister womb of mine that’s “behaved” rather well look at the care she received and you will learn so much . 

Try your best to think how I might perceive you as a person – send out empathy towards me and my woman – take your time – sit down and talk , gentle communication puts me at ease – I am uterus – yours in hormone love  xx 

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