Why blog ? Why not? 

In February 2014 I made a conscious decision to start blogging . I did this primarily to spread the word about skin to skin contact for women who give birth in the operating theatre .

At this point I did not consider that I would gain in a positive emotional sense from writing a blog . Nor did I envisage that I would connect with other ‘bloggers’  or have my blog featured in  Teresa Chinn’s chapter  “Roar Behind The Silence” edited by Sheena Byrom and Soo Downe (about why kindness care & compassion matter in maternity services) 

My blog helps me to reflect on my working day , contemplate midwifery/maternity services , talk about the NHS and it enables me to voice my own feelings by “speaking” to others – ‘others’ who are free to choose whether or not they read my blog . I write each entry without a plan – I simply sit on my sofa , contemplate my own thoughts and start to write . Blogging will also go towards my own Revalidation with the NMC click  Here  for more information 

My blog on Courage Butter Courage Butter (a term which Tony Longbone thought of – thankyou Tony)   was spotted by Jane Cummings Chief Nurse and led to a co-published article with Jane to help health professionals consider their own courage within the NHS workplace . 

I suppose what I’m trying to say is blogging gives me a voice and also teaches me about myself . People like Sheena Byrom , John Walsh , Dr Alison Barrett, Leigh Kendall  , Annie Cooper, Gill Phillips, Emma Jane Sasaru, Dr Kate Granger, Natalie Corden , Anthony Longbone , Teresa Chinn , Helen Calvert and lots of others. These people all help me to develop and feel inspired not only in the way that I write , but how I see others. Writing also helps me to contemplate the workings of the NHS and change management . 

Blogging is my release , it’s my shout  or my whisper , it’s my cup of tea at the end of my day. Writing a blog helps to clear my mind and helps me to move forwards within my role as a NHS Midwife 

So my advice to you is to read some blogs , think about writing your own – start with a “blogshot” which is a screen shot of thoughts tweeted as a picture – you might be surprised at how much it will help you and others . 

Thankyou for reading 

❤️ Jenny ❤️

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