Midwifery and birth, NHS

Being there 

Are you a midwife ? Do you work where birth takes place ? Instead of Delivery Suite , or Birth Centre imagine where we are born as humans being called “The start of life suite”  


Good morning welcome to the place where life begins”……….Today you will meet someone who has just arrived on our planet  someone vulnerable yet mighty – someone who cannot talk yet who ommunicates brilliantly – a person who has primitive instinctual behaviours from centuries embedded into their brain and someone who’s ultimate survival relies wholly on love – words directed to this persons mother and family will impact on his/her future more than you could dare to imagine-so choose your words wisely – be kind -be proud to see the moment of birth and celebrate the wonder of life ❤️

You are a birth worker – do not take your role too lightly – avoid complacency . You might forget temporarily where you are when thoughts of mandatory training , emergency drills , shifts , study days, jobs to do how others treat you and how you treat others, the organisation you work for , tiredness , how others do their job or do not do their job – but reground yourself and remember that your role is precious-You are entrusted to protect a newborns transition from intra utero life. 

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