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With woman

💛Midwife means with with woman .
There is so much depth to this word – it doesn’t just mean that as a midwife you are present at a birth but so much more.
To me “with woman” means you are “with the women of the world with your every breath” – it means you believe in compassion, feminism, women in society , the future of humanity and life itself
Today I started thinking (ooh look out when Jenny The M starts to think!) what if…….
There were no womankind
no births
no midwives
where would the world be?

Women are the backbone of society but somehow in its own delusion society has slightly forgotten all this. Emily Pankhurst fought with her comrades to get women the vote – yet female authors hide behind a male name

Being with a woman in labour who is single and labouring alone -you take on the role of a friend as well as a midwife and I defy any midwife not to feel like this.
Midwifery is all about women and that doesn’t mean that male midwives can’t be feminists too after all they like us were ‘brought up and raised’ in the organ that rocks – the female uterus
Does society truly value the fact that women give birth? Do midwives realise the implications that a child’s birth has on the mother and the child ? Does society see the effect birth has on the earth?

See the strength and courage in women who suffer from domestic violence- imagine the fear a woman feels in such a relationship and her shame to admit it to anyone

Embrace the power of many women who support their female friend whether she is grieving, being bullied , giving birth or facing challenges – women rush to other women’s aid.

We are one voice and we have to remember this every single day
So each day I get out of my bed I say to myself ” I am a strong woman, I am proud to be a woman and know other women who are strong. I will help any woman who may need my help and support today ” help and support may just be a chat, a reassuring hand on a shoulder or it may mean a hug , a way to help change a situation or a way to get help from someone else . So if you are working with women , as a midwife or in a role where you are in contact with women – just focus on how amazing women are and where the world would be without them – give support – be womankind



This post is dedicated to my friend – a strong courageous woman

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