Annie Coopers presentation to Nurses and Midwives Day 2014 at Blackpool Hospital

The 6cs and information

Health Informatics

It started with NHS direct – Annie always volunteered for roles that others shied away from and this has led to and maintained her love of IT and informatics . Technology is going so fast -the 6Cs are relevant to Informatics. Information is integral to knowing if you are fulfilling 6 CS in your role

Compassion – when you ask you’re collecting information – the way you ask and gain more knowledge about your patient needs compassion

Information is an integral part of nursing midwifery and healthcare

Care – nursing care indicators – F&F test- benchmarking

Courage– incident forms – different ways of working – raising your head above the parapet and speaking out

Commitment-duality – focused on the patients experience

Competency – training records -informatics

Communication – feedback – consumer informatics -NhS choices is an informatics resource

“Each individuals responsibility”

Informatics is the use of information in care service improvement research and education

“Step up be courageous ”

Link up with IT it’s a requirement of a modern nurse in 2014 – evidence based practice –

Prescribing alert systems – tools warnings

Leadership – are we adopting ? How do practitioners step up to lead in place – nurses are creative and innovative – what are YOU doing to be a modern nurse ? If you are not IT literate you are not fulfilling your role and meeting requirements

New students arrive with technology skills and It is wrenched out of their hands and they are made to work “our way” paper based work etc we (NHS) need to lead and harness theses skills

Information governance training -Who likes to do this ? One of the most important areas of work we need to change our mindset – Caldecott share responsibly – if the IT system goes down no access to patient record – is this a clinical incident or an IT incident ? It’s definitely a clinical incident

Transparency – traditional method of paper records –

Challenges are key

Engagement across all teams
Leadership at all levels
Development of clinical content that supports practice
Development of best of breed tools for nursing and midwifery
Clinical safety
Clinical skills development
Learning more about the potential of data- an opportunity

Care.data – http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/tsd/care-data/ this will help us all to to better understand health – debate around consent

The changing relationship with pt access to records – transparency debate

The effect on Nursing and Midwifery

Info sharing will be a requirement if in the patients best interest
Communication techs
Quantified self
Outcome measurement & improvement
Clinical safety of new IT
Clinical content and content management
Clinical informatics leadership
Pt self management and personal wellness – stop paternalistic attitude that WE are in control of records – “peer support is a critical part of self management ”

Comparison can drive up quality

-These notes were made whilst Annie was talking so I hope you all get the main message that technology and informatics are a crucial part of our role and embedded into what we do – informatics is here and developing continually – we use it daily without realising

Are YOU a 21st C modern nurse / midwife / HCP?

I thoroughly enjoyed Annie’s lecture and it made me realise that I’m an informatics geek but proud of my geekiness . However I have a long way to go – ” We are all learning ” as Sheena Byrom says.

Please consider a large part of your role is informatics and it’s developing more each day – try to learn more about IT and make friends with your IT dept they will help you and you can help them : )

(Annie says they love cake!)

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