Midwifery and birth

Holiday mode – achieving a balance

Why does it take some longer to switch off “work mode” and switch on “holiday mode”? Whilst some can zap themselves straight into holiday mode and forget work, do others struggle to relax and reject thoughts of work ?

Which group are you in?

I have to confess that I used spend a couple of days trying to turn off my midwifery brain and switch on my Jenny “on holiday” home brain . However, I now embrace thinking of midwifery when I’m away from my clinical role , I enjoy reading articles, writing my blog, tweeting and listening to talks about birth when I’m not actually working . Being a midwife is an intrinsic part of who I am , I’m also a mother ,a dog owner, a rustic baker, a loyal friend and sister, I love interior design-moving my furniture around every couple of months-I also paint and enjoy photography.
This week I’m spending quality time with my two grown up children – we like to get to the beach every day with Sammy our 12 year old black Labrador – the earlier the better – this is because one of my mantras is “I like to get out early so I can get back” I love my home and I feel very happy when I get home from trips out or holidays .
All I’m saying I guess is however you choose to relax is ok for and it’s also acceptable to think about work or do work whilst you’re off . Thinking time away from work might give you your best ever ideas and inspiration – we can’t put segments of our lives into boxes as they all interact with each other .

Today I went to the beach very early in the morning and thought of birth being like the tides of the sea – they both arrive every day and bring something with them – each birth and tide is different and yet beautiful in its own right . There is a sense of anticipation for all involved in both and they are both far beyond words and descriptions
Staring at the sea helps me to relax , listening to the sea is therapeutic. Thoughts of my job pop into my brain mixed up with what my day will bring, who I might see , and other stuff I’ve planned and I now realise that this is ok

So don’t give yourself a hard time if you relax and unwind in a different way to your peers or friends – simply smile and embrace the way that suits you



Midwifery and birth

If Babies could talk ……Be an advocate for Babies 💕💙

My Birth

It’s quiet in here sounds are muffle, soft
I know the tone and rise of my mothers voice
I am moving forwards to meet my family
And soon two will become three
-one will become two
Whatever the number I’ll be the extra little person in the group
I feel light around me I am here
My mother holds me close I am calm -without fear
I snuggle up close feel her love for me begin
And I am in wonder and awe at my beginning – skin to skin


Think differently

Just imagine if we could interview every baby after it’s own unique birth – what would the baby say ?

“I felt tranquil and calm being born was magical and peaceful”

“I didn’t really appreciate the noise bright lights and loud voices ”

“Someone moved me away from my mother – I tried to protest but they’d misplaced the baby language translation book and they didn’t understand me!”

“ThankYou for delaying clamping my cord – I feel so much better than I would have without the extra blood”

“Those scales are freezing cold aren’t they!”

“It was a wonderful experience and I thank my mother for fighting for the right to hold me for ages and ages – it’s helped my start in life to be easier”

“Do you know my wonderful caesarean birth has actually sparked an interest in me that has made me consider being a surgeon”

“Yes I was rushed to neonatal unit but the staff encouraged my mother to hold me close as soon as possible”

“I am SO proud of my mother she is so courageous”

“I’d like to be a midwife”

….the next time you are in a room with a woman who is in the depths of the birth process think like this – babies can hear all sounds and feel all experiences – but babies cannot tell their story – imagine if they could ?

Be an advocate for families women and most of all be an advocate for babies


Midwifery and birth, NHS

Why positivity matters in the NHS

This week I’ve been in Uni all week – as a more mature student I’ve loved meeting young people and some of them weren’t even health care professionals . I’ve met artists , maths geeks , musicians and engineers , psychology students and many more . In the lift in the media building a young man was wearing headphones – I asked “are they Dr Dre!” His face was a picture – I told him my son has a pair that I regularly wear around the house connected to my iPhone when I need “me time” but I have stuff to do like moving items from one room to another , cleaning , cooking – it’s escapism hearing my favourite music as I work . However I could never study with music on like both my children do and I love that we all are different and we use various techniques to help us to work. We are all different and that’s what makes us the same.
Just the other week at work someone said to me ‘we need more staff ‘ and started to complain- I was teaching a new midwife about intravenous antibiotics and the time it took me to show the reference book , work out the dose and consider how to prepare in an ultra clean environment the person moaning continued to ‘chunner’ – I then emptied a box of pharmacy drugs and thought if no one moaned at work how much time could we save ? If every single person was on a ‘positivity push’ and negative comments or actions were banned could we save time ?
I am very positive at work I don’t stand in the office complaining as I veer away from crowd culture – I might sometimes feel irked at another night shift but believe me as I leave the threshold of my front door I say positive things to myself – I put Jo Whiley’s programme on my radio (a very positive woman!) and I say to myself “you are going to be with women who are giving birth to the children of the future tonight – how amazing is that!” (Rhetorical as no answer required) At work I smile and I like to tell corny jokes , I involve the partners in care – if the woman is in the pool I show her partner how to maintain the temperature and christen them “PoolTech” they offer me a cuppa when they have one and I genuinely feel lucky and privileged to be doing something so fantastic as well as meeting new folk . So I say this to you – yes we would like a payrise it would be amazing – but please remember we must switch off thoughts about pay when we are caring for women and families and we must shine smile and be happy that we have the NHS , we are employed and we are helping others in the great big universe of life – positivity matters 💛💛💛
Shine loud Be proud 🌟💡